My Exciting RCOG Itinerary

March 28
     ST01 Urogynaecology
          Lecture: Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection: Management Strategies
          Lecture: The Overactive Bladder
          Lecture: Ideal Management Options for Stress Incontinence
     Plenary: Preventing and Tackling Sepsis in Obstetrics
          Keynote: Prevention and Management of Vault Prolapse
          Lecture: OASI – A Challenging Problem
     Plenary: Monochorionic Twins: Options for Improving Survival
     ST02 Fetal Medicine
          Debate: The Anomaly Scan Has Shifted to 11-13 Weeks
          Panel: Management Dilemmas in Non-Lethal Malformations
     Industry-Sponsored Symposia
     Inaugural Ceremony and Dinner
March 29
     ST12 Labour
          Lecture: Interventions in an Institutional Birth – Wake Up Call for Obstetricians
          Lecture: Maternal Positions at Delivery
          Lecture: Birth Without Active Pushing
     Plenary: Using Quality Indicators to Improve Patient Care
          Keynote: Skill Development for Obstetric Emergencies
          Lecture: Evidence-Based Guidelines for VBAC
     Plenary: Managing Ovarian Cancer Risk
     ST10 Reproductive Endocrinology
          Debate: Metformin for all PCOS Patients
          Panel: Amenorrhea: Case Discussions
     Industry-Sponsored Symposia
     Gala Dinner
March 30
     ST15 Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology
          Lecture: Managing Adolescents Who Bleed Too Much
          Lecture: Vaginoplasty Revisited
          Lecture: The Burden of Sexual Abuse
     Plenary: Tailoring RCOG Guidelines to the Indian Context
          Debate: Teenage Reproductive Health: Education Is Not Enough
          Panel: Approach to Polycystic Ovarian Disease in Adolescence
     Plenary: Making Labour Safe: An Achievable Dream

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