How time flies so fast. The last time I wrote about my residency training was last year, 3rd month as a 1st year OB-Gyn resident. And now it’s midyear, not as a 1st year but as a 2nd year resident. How time flies so fast indeed.

What has transpired? Allow me to detail one by one, which are to me, the highlights of my residency training.

1. I now know how to deliver babies.

Normal Spontaneous Delivery

Normal Spontaneous Delivery

Be it normal spontaneous deliveries, or operative vaginal deliveries such as forceps extraction. I also know how to do Cesarean sections. And yes, I also know how to repair them 🙂 The joy of being the first person to be in touch with someone who is about to take his/her first breath, is really incomparable.. To attend to the needs of the expectant parents, especially the mothers, is truly rewarding once the baby is delivered.



2. I also now know how to assist and do special gynecologic surgeries.

 Such as total abdominal hysterectomy, ovarian cystectomy, marsupialization of Bartholin’s Duct abscess, etc. Who could ever imagine that I, someone who just used to play patintero, taguan, agawan base and the likes, would be doing such kind of surgeries now. God indeed is a miracle maker. 

3. I ranked number 5 during our in-service exam. In-service exams are given yearly by the POGS – CREED (aka Phil OBGyn Society), and all residents in the Philippines take this exam. The examinees will then be ranked according to the percentile scores they get, and that is compared against the scores of residents of the same year level. For the 1st year level, God has blessed me to rank number 5. May God continue to bless me, even though there are a lot of times that I have not been to faithful in the stewardship of His resources. After all, God’s grace is indeed an amazing grace.

4. I got engaged. Last December 21, 2012, I got engaged to the woman I dearly loved for 15 years. There might have been lots of unsyncopated love rhythms and time & place palisades, but destiny is stronger than anyone could ever imagine. On January 12, 2013, I will marry the love of my life, the beat of my heart. 🙂



Residency is such a wonderful part of life. I hope to enjoy the remaining years of my training. 🙂

~ by carlomer on July 24, 2013.

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