Thank God for allowing me to pass the Physician’s Licensure Examinations held last August 6, 7, 13 & 14, 2011. There were originally 4 testing centers (Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao), however, the Iloilo center was dissolved due to lack of examinees. I took my exams in Cebu City simply because I took review classes there. I had my review at CRACKING D’ BOARDS STUDY AND REVIEW CENTER, and boy it was a blast studying there. If you plan to take review classes for the Physicians Licensure Examination, I highly recommend you enroll at CDB.

The experience was tantamount. It was as if my whole career solely depends on whether I passed the exam or not. Of course, I knew there were still alternative pathways but this being THE examination that would grant me my license to practice Medicine legally in our country, the board exams simply blew me away.

Around 200 examinees took the exam in Cebu. Most of them from the medical schools in the city like Cebu Institute of Medicine, Cebu Doctors University, Gullas College of Medicine, and Southwestern University – Matias H. Aznar Memorial. Then there were a few of us who were from St. Luke’s College of Medicine, Mindanao State University, Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation, University of Perpetual Help, Iloilo Doctor’s, Central Philippine University, Bicol Christian College of Medicine, Xavier University, among others.

The testing site was at Southwestern University. The first week of exams was held at the Highschool Building. While taking the examinations, we hear cadets marching loudly and commands of their platoon leaders being shouted. Appararently, there was some sort of a bivouac in the campus. Aside from the noise, the classrooms are not air-conditioned, thus we have to settle with small ceiling fans that could only dispel medium-velocity wind at a certain area in the classroom. Fortunately, I was seated near the windows! But that demise doesn’t end there. The windows are so big, so that when a strong wind blows, there’s a 99.9% chance that your test papers and answer sheets be blown away if you do not secure it well. To give a quantitative description of the window, the windows occupy approximately 80% of the whole wall at that side of the room. And then it actually rained so hard. We had to close the all the windows and settle for a humid and hot environment while taking the rest of the exams.

The second week of examinations was even worse. Venue-wise. We were transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences Building of SWU. But then, there was an event in the building and as early as 9am, a live band started playing. At first, it was soothing. It relaxed most of our tensed minds. But as their performance went by, it became much louder and our testing center essentially became the epitome of the non-conducive examination place. And oh the windows. Well, the windows were smaller, but way too small for the air to enter the room! And I guess there was a wet market nearby because from time to time, a malodorous fishy smell circulated around the room.

Thank God for August 14. It wrapped up our preparations for the boards, and of course, the boards itself. But little did I know, that part where I have to wait for the results to come out would be the most agonizing part of the board exam experience. As each day passed by, I hoped that results would prematurely come out so that the agony of waiting would end. Then came came August 17. With much trembling, first searched for our school’s passing rate. I slowly scrolled down to St. Luke’s College of Medicine and saw with much awe:

1st time takers: 44          Passed: 44           Total: 44 out of 44

I screamed the hell out of me and almost cried. Hahaha. By then, I knew I passed the board exams and hurriedly and excitedly looked for my name in the list.

Praise God from whom all blessing flow! 🙂

~ by carlomer on September 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “M.D.”

  1. I never doubted, Dr.Camanong!
    Praise God, indeed!

  2. Yes, indeed, we went through a really tough exam not to mention the testing sites. But we made it because our review center prepared us exceeding our expectations.. It’s amazing how God made us pass through the walls of the Physician Licensure Exam.. Congratulations Carlomer T. Camanong, MD.. it feels really good. I believe this is just the beginning of our exciting journey.. Wuhoo! 😉

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