25 Random Things About Me

1. My family name is actually misspelled in my birth certificate. Not just in my birth certificate. It brings much joy to my soul whenever I read my family name spelled correctly (of course, except those which I have spelled personally! haha!).

2. I wanted to be a pilot during my childhood. It was a long-nurtured ambition until I got inspired to become a doctor. By the way, becoming a pilot wasn’t my very first ambition. Before understanding the concept of career ambitions, I answered “to be a successful doctor” to those autograph entries which asked “what is your ambition?

3. I was supposed to take Electronics and Communications Engineering course in college. Well, as far as I can remember, I wanted to be an engineer in highschool. But then they say seasons change.

4. I am taking up Medicine and wants to become a doctor, not because I want to get rich or to become famous. I actually wanted to be a doctor to the barrios.

5. I haven’t been confined in a hospital. The longest stay I had as a patient in the hospital was when I was rushed to the Emergency Room of Good Samaritan General Hospital due to severe epigastric pain and vomiting. I stayed at the ER for about 2 hours. However, no diagnosis was made. Sad.

6. I love RED. I don’t like red. I LOVE the color RED. Red has a psychological effect on me.

7. I do enjoy Theology. I could be a pastor or a missionary someday… yeah, someday.

8. My college entrance weight was 105 lbs. I was 17 years old at that time. 10 years later, now that I am 28 years old, my weight is 170 lbs. I know I know.

9. I was dismissed from the entire University of the Philippines system. That happened after 3rd year college. But I was accepted back, still at Diliman campus. That’s one of my life miracles.

10. I sang a jingle for a local politician in our province to the tune of “Gloria Labandera” during one of those national elections. It was played all over the city. Everytime I hear my voice when that politician’s campaign bandwagon passes by our house, I cringe.

11. I also sang for a promotional activity in a radio station. It was aired several times a day for a month.

12. In my whole 28 years of living on this earth, I’ve only had 2 girlfriends.

13. I actually don’t like being fat. But I love to eat a lot. Hmm… I wonder how I’d reconcile that with this body’s kind of metabolism.

14. I asked God to give me at least 70%ile in NMAT (National Medical Adimssions Test) as a sign if I should proceed to Medicine proper or not. Well, I have a very wonderful God. He gave me 99%ile.

15. I have been all over the Philippines, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao…. except in Palawan.

16. Contrary to public notion, I didn’t graduate with a BSE Biology degree. I have a BSE Chemistry diploma.

17. I sincerely believe that fear is a limiting factor, a limiting reagent, a thrombosis, an embolus, a black hole. Fear could come in any forms: insecurities, anxieties, shyness, doubts, etc. I figured that all these hinder us to experience the mountain top. That such things lead us into settling around the foot of the mountain, without realizing that there is more to taste and see at the top.

18. My first crush was Vina Morales. But I don’t like her now. She now seems to be more of the 6th “The Hunks” member of ASAP.

19. I am a certified KAPAMILYA. 🙂

20. I am a procrastinator and a crammer. And I don’t like the feeling of enjoying being such.

21. I WAS a theator actor. And trained under the Panday Sining grant of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

22. I don’t play basketball now. But my very first sports was BASKETBALL. I remember when I was in elementary school, I go to school very early (around 5am) just be the first one to play in the basketball court everyday!

23. Singing, or music in general, is one of my passion.

24. I was a local movie industry fan. Until college.

25. I easily get addicted to RPG.

~ by carlomer on May 19, 2010.

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