This Is Me

I love the Lord more than anyone else. No one can take me away from His love.

I am a missionary doctor in the making. It is my passion to draw marginalized, sick, and desolate people into a red-hot worship of God.

I am God’s treasured possession. Though many times I’ve been on shifting sands, I’m like a clay being molded, continuously shaped into perfection, continually sanctified by the Greatest Potter ever.

I am not perfect, but I choose to be holy. I am not holier than anyone else, but I am part of the royal priesthood.

I am a Wesleyan-Arminian in Soteriology. I believe in the Sovereignty of God in all aspects, and that only by grace can we enter His Kingdom. I have security in Jesus.

I am Carlomer, born from loving parents, blessed with three beautiful sisters.

I am a friend. And I treasure you if you are one to me. I don’t care of having you as a friend. I care about me, being a friend to you, and you being a friend to me.

~ by carlomer on January 7, 2010.

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