Missions: The Basis of the Bible

It is true that the Bible is indispensable to missions. It is so because the Bible gives Christians the mandate for world evangelization. It does not only gives us the mandate, but also the message to be preached in world evangelization. It is written in the Bible what the true Gospel is. Another reason why the Bible is indispensable to missions is that it is in the Bible where we could find a model to emulate in world evangelization. And lastly, it is in the Bible where we could read the promise of power (read: dunamis) in doing world evangelization.

But have we ever thought that God’s redemptive mission could be the basis of the totality of Biblical revelation? You read it right. Missions is the basis of the Bible. For me, though it is difficult to grasp, it is not impossible to see how this is so. Now, reason with me. If God had not purposed to redeem mankind, there probably would have been no need for Him to reveal Himself through the Biblical record. Take away the message of salvation and everything that entails God’s redeptive purpose, there actually would have been no chosen nation that we could read in the Old Testament. Jesus would not need to become human in order to save men. No crucifixion, no resurrection, and no disciples and the early to proclaiming the message of salvation. There would be no book of Revelation.

Thank God for His grace that He chose to save mankind. That He purposed to indulge in the redemption of men, and we all could read that clearly now in the Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21! The Bible is the chronicle of events, a story of how God is fulfilling His redemptive purpose for mankind… How mankind is lost and how great is its need for a Saviour… And a story of how the powerful living God is concerned with humanity. Oh how wonderful that grace is! We can see in missions that mankind is so helpless that it does not even know how to get saved except for God’s gracious redemptive purpose alone.

Therefore brethren, what are we supposed to do now? Remain SSS (saved, seated and satisfied)? We are to be GSIS (goers, senders, intercessors, and supporters). World evangelization is a partnership with the living God in bringing a rebellious world under His authority in fulfillment of the great prophecy of Revelation 11:15, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.”

Reference: The Condensed World Missions Course (CWMC) Reader

~ by carlomer on January 7, 2010.

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