One single drop of rain
Your salty tear became blue ocean
One tiny grain of sand turning in your hand
A world in motion
You’re out beyond the furthest Morning Star
Close enough to hold me in Your arms

Adonai, I lift up my heart and I cry
My Adonai
You are the Maker of each moment
Father of my hope and freedom
Oh, my Adonai

One timid faithful knock
Resounds up the Rock of Ages
One trembling heart and soul
Becomes a servant bold and courageous
You call across the mountains and the seas
I answer from the deepest part of me

From age to age you reign in Majesty
And today You’re making miracles in me

Adonai… In some aspects of my life, I am struggling with the Lordship of Christ. I am arrogant and prideful. I have dreams that I need to fulfill. I have plans that I need to accomplish and realize. But when faced with Jesus’ will, am I ready to submit to it especially if my plans are contrary to His? I’m sure it is a struggle, bigtime! And so while singing that song, God poked me. Afterwhich He showed me what it means for me to call Him LORD.

I have thought, that I am creature of God, called to be a servant of the Kingdom and slave to the Gospel. I am unworthy, and I cannot claim equality to Christ or God. I am not willing to surrender anymore, or to follow the maddening crowd and even myself. Jesus is my Lord. I am only His servant.

~ by carlomer on January 7, 2010.

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